Gondar Hospital Children's Ward Upgrade

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The Children's Ward's only working sink.

A project run by the Leicester-Gondar Medical Link, backed by Health Action Leicester for Ethiopia (HALE) to improve children's health in Gondar.

  • Leicester Lead - Rebecca Brown
  • Gondar Lead - Dr Mehretie Kokeb

The children's ward in Gondar Hospital is in a severly dilapidated state. It is a 1950s built hospital ward with only 1 working tap for 40 plus children that is in dire need of refurbishment and staff training.

It is estimated that to complete the refurbishment of the ward it will cost £25,000.  This will include providing adequate beds sanitary and washing facitities as well as urgently needed  nurse paediatric training.

Fundraising for this project is taking place in the UHL using the Pennies for Heaven Scheme payroll giving scheme and if you are a UHL member of staff Click Here to find out more about the scheme and how you can help ensure this vital work continues.

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The Childrens ward was built approximately 50 years ago and in dire need of updating.   This was always a very busy ward and children were placed wherever there was an empty bed. The bed occupancy varied from 40 children to sometimes 80 children and because there was no other Hospital nearby with facilities for children then some were often lying on mattresses on the floor.

We changed the layout of the Ward to keep infectious children in isolation and all the children suffering from malnutrition into a separate area to protect them from infections.

We designated one area to be the High Dependency area where the new admissions and very sick children were nursed.

We improved the sanitary and washing facilities and bought some new basic essential equipment. We painted the Ward with some bright colours and put murals on some walls. In 2005 Sandra Kemp was fortunate to be given an award from the BMA Humanitarian Fund which was used to give High Dependency Training to all the Nursing staff.

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