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Leicester-Gondar Link
Elizabeth Grant, Lynnette Matthews, Worku Negash Mihret

Educational developments in higher education  are increasingly being framed by the need to internationalise the purpose, process and delivery of higher education.  Interpretations of Global Citizenship are emerging as offering a prime rationale for this development. These interpretations reinforce the commitment made by the higher education sector to the development of graduates who possess attributes and values based upon social equity.

This project aims to address educational development concerns facing the University of Gondar and the University of Leicester. Although the needs of each institution differ, the project intends to contribute to the advancement of learning and teaching that promotes and develops connections between people of the south with those of the north.

Academics at both institutions Have met to discuss activities That will address joint concerns and that will offer an opportunity to develop Solutions together.

These include:

  • Teaching large groups
  • New ways of assessing
  • Curriculum Design
  • Developing the curriculum

The University of Gondar is establishing an Academic Resource Centre that aims to:

“Empower academic staff with skills and expertise so that they can demonstrate scholarly and efficient performance in their areas of specialisation such as teaching and learning, consultancy and research, thus making the University a centre of academic excellence in Africa.”

(University of Gondar, Master Plan)

The University of Leicester has been developing its internationalisation statement of principles. These principles refer to a rationale that aims to encourage ‘social and cultural development and mutual understanding’ (Knight, 2006) within the learning and teaching process and academic programmes.


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