Employability Project

Auditing the Undergraduate Curriculum for Employability - A method and its application to the Degree in Tourism Management, Gondar University, Ethiopia

This project is led in Leicester by Dr Mark Goodwin (Teaching Fellow in the GENIE CETL) and Paul Jackson (Director of the Student Support and Development Services) and in Gondar Mr Gojjam Ademe (Head of the Department of Tourism Management, University of Gondar) and Mr Tilahun Mehari (Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences and Economics, University of Gondar).

employability visit.jpg
Visit of the UK Employability project participants to Gondar April 2010 ([L–R] Gojjam Ademe of the Department of Tourism Management at the Gondar workshop with Martin Pennington of SSDS and Craig Bartle and Mark Goodwin of GENIE)

It is a one year British Council funded programme to evaluate the BA in Tourism Management at Gondar University with respect to:

  • the employability of graduates and the labour market
  • the needs of stakeholders (government departments, the Ethiopian private sector, the graduates themselves, overseas agencies etc)
  • The appropriateness of the curriculum and its delivery

The intention is to modify the curriculum and its delivery to meet the needs of graduates and stakeholders and also establish support systems for staff and students to manage the transition from study into employment.

Update June 2010

This project has now been completed and the end of project report is available.

A press release has also been given regarding the findings of this project.

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