Gondar Nursing Department named Department of the Year 2015

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Nursing MSc students with UK tutor Vicky Wilson.

Despite its remarkable role in  the establishment of the then Public Health College and Training Centre (now University of Gondar) some sixty years ago, the Department of Nursing was limited to only training diploma level nurses (2 years training) for nearly fifty years.

A new chapter began in 2004, when the nursing department launched a bachelor level nurse training programme. The development of this degree programme  introduced a more professional nursing care, gave diploma graduates possibility of career progression as well as providing a mechanism for the retention of nursing staff.

In 2011, another new chapter began when the department, One of the primary concerns in Gondar was to enhance professional development for a range of health professionals, in order to improve the quality of clinical care and to avert the leakage of staff from clinical disciplines to public health, NGO’s or abroad. In 2011, supported by the Leicester-Gondar Link and the School of Nursing within De Montfort University, Leicester, commenced the MSc in Clinical Nursing with specialties in paediatric, medical and surgical nursing. At that time there were only five nursing tutors within the department in Gondar holding MSc qualifications. As a result the running the running of the programme fell entirely on the shoulders of UK tutors until the first batch of students graduated. After a period of handover, the programme is now solely run by the Department of Nursing and the number of MSc qualified tutors has increased to twenty five.

There are now three more undergraduate nursing specialty programmes including: neonatal, operating theatre and emergency and critical care nursing.  All of these were demanded by the Federal Ministry of Health and are running smoothly.

In the 2014/15 academic year (2007 E.C.), the Department of Nursing was recognised as ‘The Best Department of the Year’ from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Gondar.  It is expected that the Department is on the right track to realise its vision: to be the Centre of Excellence for nurse education, research and community service in Ethiopia by 2020.
Written by Eshetu, Head of Department of Nursing, University of Gondar

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