Collaborative Patient Safety Project

Infection Prevention and Control, and Occupational Health & Safety

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Patient Safety Team (L-R) - Yordanos, Aklilu, Dr Meseret, Amsalu, Avier, Addisu and Yalelet (sitting)

Our Patient Safety Project has been running for 15 months now and is due to finish at the end of March 2017. The Gondar team has been led by Amsalu Mihiretu and Yalelet Fentaw, who are helped by Avier Mesfin, Hygiene and Sanitation Officer, and Addisu Alemu, Audit Officer.

Joining that team are Yordanos Markos, the new Infection Prevention and Control Nurse, Aklilu Takel, Hygiene and Sanitation Officer for the Referral Hospital. Amsalu is now the Quality Officer and Yalelet is the Gondar University Hospital Nutritionist.

We have had many challenges throughout the project but have always worked well together as a team. There have been exchange visits to both countries and the skills of the Gondar team have been improved immensely thanks to the training support they received at University Hospitals of Leicester and the University of Leicester. We have trained 500 members of staff in Infection Prevention and Control & Occupational Health and Safety. We have improved Hand Hygiene from around 40% compliance to over 70% compliance. To support and maintain this we have appointed 50 Hand Hygiene Champions who work in all clinical areas of Gondar University Hospital. We have given Hepatitis vaccine to many staff and reduced sharps injuries by 50% by giving training and providing safety boxes close to the patient.

Our biggest challenge came when a State of Emergency was declared by the Ethiopian Government and no visits could be made to the country. Due to troubles in Gondar the hospital admissions increased and travel around Gondar was restricted.

As this improved visits were started again in January 2017 followed by the final project visit in late February 2017. In March 2017 we all made a visit to the Ministry of Health, in Addis Ababa, to make them aware of our successes and whilst there we made visits to the Black Lion Hospital, St Pauls Hospital and the Fistula Hospital as part of the team’s training and exposure to good practice. We were accompanied on these visits by Dr Meseret, the Clinical Director at Gondar University Hospital, who agreed to ensure that our project would continue to improve Patient Safety there.

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