Mehran Habib

Research Poster

BiographyMehran Habib

Mehran has an MBA (Graduate) and BA (Hons) Business Studies from Leeds Beckett University UK. High performance and interest in the Organisational Behaviour/HRM subject areas, has lead him to pursue PhD Management (full time) at the University of Leicester.

The researcher is interested in the dialectic between reaction of NHS employees to changing priorities of the state in the context of rapid marketization and privatisation of the NHS. In his Doctoral project, the researcher want to investigate the arising HR dynamics in the NHS organisation from the process of covert privatisation of the NHS by the state. In this process, the most recent changes are NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) based on the 44 footprints of the NHS in the UK. STPs will be the substantive issue of this research. The researcher focuses on Accident & Emergencies departments and teams for his research.

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