Giannis Koukkidis


Giannis KoukkidisGiannis Koukkidis is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Infection Immunity and Inflammation at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, working with Dr Primrose Freestone. After completing his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences, Mr. Koukkidis then continued his Master’s degree in Infection and Immunity where he began examining the interactions of salad leaf tissues with enteropathogens; the topic that became his Ph.D. subject.

Throughout his doctoral studies, Giannis attended several conferences across Europe on fresh produce and food safety. His research results about Salmonella and Salad interactions were published by a leading food microbiology journal and its importance on food safety and fresh produce were covered by major news agencies all over the world, including BBC, Reuters and CBS. After he completes his Ph.D., Giannis wishes to expand his portfolio with a Post-Doctoral placement in his current area examining the food borne pathogens’ relations with fresh produce. He would like to work directly with the agricultural industries involved in salad growing and packaging and novel treatments that are capable of preventing pathogen attachment to fresh produce. Ultimately, Giannis wishes to follow a career in improving food quality.

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