Jasmine Wareham

BiographyJasmine Wareham

I am a second year CENTA funded PhD student with the atmospheric chemistry group in the Department of Chemistry. I am supervised by Dr Stephen Ball and Professor Jon Lapington.

My research involves the development of a new highly sensitive and selective instrument to measure nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in the air we breathe. NO2 is a major component of air pollution which mainly comes from vehicle emissions. It predominantly affects the respiratory system and can be particularly problematic for children, the elderly and for people with existing health conditions, such as asthma. The need to monitor air pollution is therefore vital in order to establish which areas are affected, whether the pollutants are within their legislative limits, and to identify whether the controls to improve and/or mitigate the effects of air pollution have been effective.

Existing methods for measuring NO2 have weaknesses, such as in the way NO2 is detected; this work addresses these issues by incorporating novel detector technology into the instrument. This eliminates the need for a separate complex calibration procedure, which gives the instrument the potential to be developed into user-friendly instrumentation for use in air quality monitoring applications. My research is important so that measurement methods are improved; in time, this will help clean up our dirty air.

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