Asea Pascal


Asea PascalMy name is Asea Pascal D. I have grown and witnessed South Sudan in cycles of violence since childhood. After I completed my undergraduate degree in Uganda, I became one of the first repatriates to South Sudan. After the peace agreement, I immediately joined the UN Mission in South Sudan where I started working on a project for the repatriation of other South Sudanese refugees. I witnessed keenly the initial period when the repatriates started to settle, but soon lost the hope when several cases of violence made it impossible for them. This pendulum of human suffering prompted me to start questioning if repatriation itself contributes to peace in any way. I drafted the initial documents into a research proposal which was thankfully accepted by the University of Leicester, and since then have embarked on expanding the studies into a more rigorous work.

I have learned much from my supervisor Dr. Kelly Staples who guided me through philosophical and methodological training modules and I also appreciate works of Johannsson and Professor Adelman Howard, who have provided analysis of the Refugee Repatriation and Peace Building relationship in detail. I dedicate my work to my children Akeen, Samuel and Theta who have missed me during this period of studies. I also give special thanks to my managers in UNHCR, who have continued to provide me the opportunity to do my studies, despite the tight work schedule.

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