Matt Greenhall

Head of Academic Engagement, The National Archives, UK

About Matt GreenhallMatt Greenhall

Matt is responsible for coordinating The National Archives’ work with the academic, scholarly, and research communities. He oversees The National Archives’ academic programmes, collaborative partnerships with academic stakeholders, and a number of high-profile events which seek to bring academics and postgraduates together with members of the archival and heritage professions to explore new forms of collaboration. Matt has a wider interest in how history is perceived and presented within British society and popular engagement in academic research through archives and museums. Matt received his PhD from the University of Durham (2011) and his thesis explored the nature and extent Anglo-Scottish trade between 1580 and 1750. In particular, his thesis considered whether the Anglo-Scottish unions of 1603, 1654 and 1707 had a discernible economic and commercial impact on inter-regional trade between north-eastern England, Scotland, and the wider British east coast. Since then, Matt has worked across the heritage sector to highlight the important role archives and museums play in society and the cultural value of their collections and activities.

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