Yuko Kimura

2016 AFPGR Participant


How does Biography influence Managers’ Learning in a Japanese setting
About Yuko

Yuko Kimura is a research student working towards completion of her doctoral degree in the School of Management.  Yuko is supervised by Dr. Dan Bishop and Dr. Katharine Venter.

Yuko will present her work in the poster-only category at the Festival of Postgraduate Research on 7th July, 2016.  

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About My Research

The research study explores what internal and external factors shape the attitudes and approaches to learning adopted by Japanese managers utilizing biographies and learning history and the degree of Western theories' applicability to Japanese context and how. The significance of individual biiography in workplace learning (Hodkinson, 2004), the relations among learning, work, and subjectivity (Billett, 2010), and a model for learning in working life (Illeris, 2004) are main academic conceptual framework.

Research Findings

Yuko completed semi-structured interviews including their learning history questionnaire from 20 Japanese and non- Japanese managers working in Japan utilizing the interview guide based on the two pilot-interview results. She started thematic analysis for each interviewee's qualitative data and life learning story. 

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