Jun Li

2016 AFPGR Participant
Garden City in China from 1901 to today
About Jun Li

Jun Li is an international student from China who has come to Leicester to study for a PhD. Her topic is the influence of the garden city ideal in China’s cities between the early 1900s and the present. Based in the Centre for Urban History, Li is co-supervised by Professor Simon Gun and Dr Simon Richards in History of Art and Film.

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About My Research

This research sets out the theoretical and methodological research of the history of urban design and city planning of ‘Garden Cities’ in China from the beginning of twentieth century until present. The Garden City, as I will show, has a long history and wide geographical spread. After the nineteenth century, urban planning in China was influenced by ideas from Britain and the exchange of ideas between China and Britain. The influential British city planner Ebenezer Howard’s idea of the Garden City, interpreted in his Garden city of Tomorrow was introduced into China in 1910s. It was during this time and afterwards that the idea of Garden Cities took root in China, coinciding with the aims of the respective governments in China and the development of Garden Cities. My research proposes to examine urban planning and construction practice of cities in China influenced by various Garden City theories, and then summarizes the development of the tradition of Garden Cities over time in China. With the evolution of the theory of Garden Cities, the theory of neighbourhood and satellite cities were imported in and shaped the building residential areas and controlled the development of big cities of China. Comparing the satellite city construction during 1950s and 1970s, my research will discuss the history of the construction of new towns in China. Coming into the new century, the renaissance of Garden City in China has been incorporated into many metropolitan areas and new districts. The research will aim to summarize the will character and problems of the construction of garden cities over time.

Research Findings

Combined with other western planning ideas imported in China the garden city idea was used in the modernisation construction of China cities by the officers and specialists. Examined this history, it is not difficult to find Garden City changed the city appearance of Chinese cities, promoted the regeneration of the public facility, facilitated the transforming from the traditional city into the modern city. The planning was influenced by Garden City ideas, with modifications to Ebenezer Howard's original model made to suit local traditions, public demand, and government goals Although the garden city idea was broadly spread in China, selective adoption of Garden City concepts try to make the city like a garden.

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