Festival of Postgraduate Research Prizes

Ten prizes are available to the winning entries at this year's Festival of Postgraduate Research:

Best Poster Overall

Graduate Dean's Prize for Best Poster

Sponsored by the Graduate School - £350

Best Poster by Discipline

Leicester City Council Prize for Best Poster (College of Arts, Humanities, and Law) Sponsored by Leicester City Council - £250

Grant Thornton Prize for Best Poster (College of Medicine, Biological Sciences, and Psychology) Sponsored by Grant Thornton - £250

Leicestershire Asian Business Association Prize for Best Poster (College of Science and Engineering) Sponsored by the Leicestershire Asian Business Association - £250

Harvey Ingram Prize for Best Poster (College of Social Science) Sponsored by Harvey Ingram - £250

Leicester Mercury Prize for Best Poster (Distance Learning and Part-Time Researchers) Sponsored by the Leicester Mercury - £250

Specialist Prizes

Leicester Mercury Media Prize Sponsored by the Leicester Mercury - £250

Elsevier Peer Recommendation Prize Sponsored by Elsevier - £250

3 x Highly Commended Awards

The Graduate School would like to thank all of those sponsoring the Festival of Postgraduate Research 2012.

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