Festival of Postgraduate Research 2015 - Winners Announced

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the winners of the 11th Festival of Postgraduate Research, held at the University of Leicester 6 July 2015.

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Prize winners at the Eleventh Festival of Postgraduate Research

The Festival of Postgraduate Research is where the University gets to showcase the best of its research student talent and this year the standard of entries was very high. Our expert judges were extremely impressed by the breadth and quality of work on display and the knowledge and passion for research demonstrated by our presenters. The Festival concluded with a talk on the 'power of research' by Dr Jago Cooper, curator of the Americas at the British Museum, who has hosted a number of BBC programmes, and currently runs three projects all based in South and Central America.

Peer Review and Media Prizes

The first prize to be announced was the Peer Review Prize sponsored by Elsevier; this prize was voted for by the presenters themselves and was won by Sophie Whitehouse (School of Management) for her poster "From Vinyl to ‘Cloud Technology’: Highlighting the Visual Aspects of Music in a Digital Age".

Sophie Whitehouse

Peer Recommendation Prize winner, Sophie Whitehouse, with Matthew Walker from Elsevier, and Dr Jago Cooper.

Next was the Leicester Mercury Media Prize for the entry with most potential as a media story. This was won by Katie Dexter (Department of Physics and Astronomy) for her poster "Magnetic Nanoparticles for Medical Applications" .

Katie Dexter

Katie Dexter, Leicester Mercury-sponsored Media Prize winner, with Peter Thorley from the University Press Office, and Dr Jago Cooper.

College Prizes

The prize for Best Poster (College of Arts, Humanities and Law) was won by Emily Wilce (Department of the History of Art and Film) for her poster "Refashioning the Fallen: The Changing Depiction of the Fallen Woman in Victorian British Visual Culture" .

 Emily Wilce

Emily Wilce, Arts, Humanities, and Law Prize winner, with Dr Jago Cooper and PVC for Research and Enterprise, Professor Kevin Schurer.

The prize for Best Poster (College of Medicine, Biological Sciences, and Psychology) sponsored by University of Leicester Alumni was Shane Hussey (Department of Genetics) for his poster "Pollution, Particulate Matter, and Pathogens: How Air Pollution is Affecting the Bacteria in Our Lungs".

Shane Hussey CMBSP Award 

Shane Hussey, winner of the Medicine, Biological Sciences, and Psychology prize with John Flynn representing the University of Leicester Alumni, and Dr Jago Cooper.

The prize for Best Poster (College of Science and Engineering) sponsored by Alstom Technologies was Thomas Clements (Department of Geology) for his poster "Livers, Guts, and Gills: How Decay Profiles Control the Fossilisation Potential of Soft Tissues" .

 Thomas Clements

Thomas Clements, Science and Engineering Prize winner with Chris Bullough from sponsor Alstom Technologies, and Dr Jago Cooper.

The prize for Best Poster (College of Social Science) sponsored by the Leicester Mercury was Haiyan Xu (School of Education) for her poster "Talk as a Mediation for Teacher Collaboration and Learning: Insights into Professional Collaboration in Lesson Study Contexts from a Chinese Perspective".

A postgradaute from the College of Arts, Humanities and Law won the prize for Best Poster (Distance Learning/Part-Time Research Students) - this went to Margrethe Stuttaford from the School of Modern Languages for her poster "The Powerful Voice of the Silent Details in the British, Danish, and German Translations of Pippi Longstocking A Translational Stylistics Analysis" .

Haiyan Xu

Haiyan Xu, the Social Science Prize winner with Dr Jago Cooper and PVC for Research and Enterprise, Professor Kevin Schurer.

Graduate Dean's Prize

Finally there was the main award - The Graduate Dean's Prize for Best Poster 2015 sponsered by the British Library. Despite the closeness of the competition, there could be only one winner and this was Ni Ni Moe Myint (Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine) for her poster "Blood: An Answer to Fighting Cancer" .


Ni Ni Moe Myint, winner of the overall Graduate Dean's prize, with Dr Jago Cooper and Sara Gould from EThOS, the British Library.

Also there to receive their prizes was Nawshin Dastagir runner up from the University's 3 Minute Thesis competition, and Shane Hussey (winner) and Joe Emmings (runner up) in the PhDepictions competition.

Nawshin Dastagir

Nawshin Dastagir, 3MT Runner Up, with PVC for Research and Enterprise, Professor Kevin Schurer and Dr Jago Cooper.

Shane Hussey PhDepict Award

Joe Emmings

Shane Hussey, PhDepictions Winner, with Iain Cameron from RCUK, PVC for Research and Enterprise, Professor Kevin Schurer and Dr Jago Cooper. Joe Emmings, PhDepictions Runner Up, with PVC for Research and Enterprise, Professor Kevin Schurer and Dr Jago Cooper.

The Graduate School thanks all of the research students who took part in the 11th Festival of Postgraduate Research, the competition judges, and our sponsors.

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