View the 2015 PhDepictions

Sanjay Bhandari

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

Shedding Light on the Dark Side of Cholesterol Proteomics

Nawshin Dastagir

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

How to Beat Your A-Fib

Daniel Dautan

School of Psychology

Into the Brain

Joe Emmings

Department of Geology

Hole in the Wall

** Runner-Up - 2015 PhDepictions Competition **

Tola Faraj

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

Effect of Processed Food Extracts on Lipid Droplet Formation in Macrophages

Francisco Valente Gonçalves

Department of Criminology

Errare Humanum Est? Cognitive Contaminations in Forensic Sciences

Shane Hussey

Department of Genetics

Air Pollution and Human Airways

** Winner - 2015 PhDepictions Competition **

Kevan Manwaring

School of English

Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall

Marissa Markowitz

Department of Geography

Two Worlds, One Space

Anna Mikhailova

School of Museum Studies

Production of Museum Space

Morufat Sanusi

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

Staying Young At Heart

Javier Williams

School of Archaeology and Ancient History

We Wear What We Want to Be

Joanna Wilson

School of English

Iconic American Violence
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