PhDepictions - Photography Competition

The brief is deceptively simple - communicate your research in a single image.

Shane Hussey PhDepiction
PhD Student Shane Hussey's 2015 PhDepiction Entry
PhDepictions is a photography competition for University of Leicester research students. Hosted by the Graduate School for the first time in 2014, the competition requires entrants to create an image that communicates their research, their findings, and their passion for their subject.

For the University PhDepictions is another way in which we can share the breadth and quality of research being undertaken by our postgraduates; for those research students who take part, it is an opportunity to think about their research in a new way and to further develop their ability to communicate their work and findings with a range of audiences.

The 2015 PhDepictions will be displayed at the Festival of Postgraduate Research, University of Leicester, 6 July 2015.


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