Festival of Postgraduate Research - 2015 Presenters

College of Arts, Humanities, and Law

Derek Ball

School of English

Seeing Mathematics Education in George Eliot's Novels

Rachel Bennett

School of History

"A Fate Worse than Death?" Post-Mortem Punishment and the Criminal Corpse 1752-1834

Fatima Berot

School of English

Code-Switching in English Departments in Kurdistan Universities

Clare Canning

School of Archaeology and Ancient History

Gurdwaras in the UK: A Consideration of a New Built Heritage

Ryan Nutting

School of Museum Studies

"Models for the Edification of Those Who Are Not in the Position to See Them in Real Life": Collections of Miniature Ethnographic Models at the Horniman Free Museum

Margrethe Stuttaford

School of Modern Languages

The Powerful Voice of the Silent Details in the British, Danish, and German Translations of Pippi Longstocking A Translational Stylistics Analysis

Alice Turner

School of English

"He do the police in different voices" - Cockney and the Storytelling Tradition in Charles Dickens’s Pickwick Papers and Master Humphrey’s Clock

Emily Wilce

Department of the History of Art and Film

Refashioning the Fallen: The Changing Depiction of the Fallen Woman in Victorian British Visual Culture

Eleonora Zampieri

School of Archaeology and Ancient History

A Place for Victory: The Forum of Caesar in Rome


College of Medicine, Biological Sciences, and Psychology

Sadaf Afreen

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

Identifying Biomarkers Related to Age Related Cardiovascular Diseases

Ibtihal Al Shamarti

Department of Genetics

Epigenetic Dynamics of Human Endogenous Retroviruses in Human Cancer Cell Lines

Taiwo Banjo

Department of Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation

Contact lenses and corneal infection

Amal Bengreed

Department of Cancer Studies

Characterisation of P2 Receptors Expression Mediated Ca2+ Signalling in Isolated Detrusor Smooth Muscle of Rat Bladder

Sanjay Bhandari

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

Statins the Victor of Coronary Artery Disease But is There More?

Nawshin Dastagir

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

Orchestral Cacophony in the Heart: Targeting the Conductor of Atrial Fibrillation Rhythms

Megan De St Croix

Department of Genetics

Friend or Foe: Why Does Streptococcus Pneumoniae Cause Disease?

Adelina Gavrila

Department of Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation

Bypassing Resistance to Treatment in Severe Asthma Patients Using a Plant Derivative

Shane Hussey

Department of Genetics

Pollution, Particulate Matter, and Pathogens: How Air Pollution is Affecting the Bacteria in Our Lungs

Melissa Kirby

School of Psychology

Going ape over virtual reality: Foraging cognition in the human primate

Ni Ni Moe Myint

Department of Cancer Studies

Blood: An Answer to Fighting Cancer

Aisha Swaih

Department of Genetics

Targeting the KMO Protein as a Key for Treating Huntington’s Disease


College of Science and Engineering

Hasan Basak

Department of Engineering

Switching Recovery Control of Quadrotor Drones Subject to Intermittent Motor Failures

Reza Baserinia

Department of Engineering

Air Assisted Powder Flow Initiation for Hopper Discharge

Victoria Brown

Department of Geography

Pathways of the (Im)Possible

Thomas Clements

Department of Geology

Livers, Guts, and Gills: How Decay Profiles Control the Fossilisation Potential of Soft Tissues

Timothy David

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Ion Outflows Resulting from Energization of Terrestrial Plasma

Katie Dexter

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Magnetic Nanoparticles for Medical Applications

Danilo Di Stefano

Department of Engineering

Developing a Shared-Software Acoustic Analogy Solver to Model Cabin Noise in Modern Civil Transport Aircraft

Robert Goodall

Department of Geology

How the Whale Became: Studying Diet in the Earliest Whales by "Fingerprinting" their Teeth

Liam Harris

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Lasers on Mars: Raman Spectroscopy of Reduced Carbon in Preparation for the ExoMars Rover Mission

Layal Jambi

Department of Physics and Astronomy

What is Going On Inside Your Body?

Alessandro Mancini

Department of Engineering

Visualizing and Understanding Jet Noise

Ali Tabatabaeian Nimavardi

Department of Engineering

Numerical Modelling of Selective Laser Melting Based on Material Point Method

Leah Nolan

Department of Geology

Using Brachiopod Shell Calcite to Understand Mississippian (Lower Carboniferous) Climate

Tara Stephens

Department of Geology

Collapsing Volcanoes

Jamie Williams

Department of Physics and Astronomy

What is Graphene and Why is it so Amazing?


College of Social Science

Shuhan Chen

Department of Media and Communication

Are You What You Post Online

Mengjie Jiang

School of Education

Development of Digital Literacy Skills Among Chinese International Postgraduate Students

Maria Kozlovskaya

Department of Economics

Industrial Espionage: Good or Bad for the Economy?

Eimer Sparham

School of Management

Breadwinning Mothers - Realities Between Home and Work

Eleni Vazakidou

Department of Criminology

Examining Victims' Expectations of Criminal Investigations through Crime Scene Investigators' Experiences

Sophie Whitehouse

School of Management

From Vinyl to ‘Cloud Technology’: Highlighting the Visual Aspects of Music in a Digital Age

Haiyan Xu

School of Education

Talk as a Mediation for Teacher Collaboration and Learning: Insights into Professional Collaboration in Lesson Study Contexts from a Chinese Perspective

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