How do populist and radical right parties operate in the European Parliament?

This site provides some information on the current research of Laura MacKenzie, PhD student in the Department of Politics and International Relations.  Laura's research focuses on the behaviour of populist and radical right parties and MEPs in the European Parliament under the title, "How do populist and radical right parties operate in the European Parliament?"

Which parties are populist?

  • Populist radical right
  • Right wing populists
  • Left wing populists
  • Neoliberal populists
  • Non-partisan and unclassified populists
  • Non-populist radical right

Past and current research

  • Uprooting or challenging democracy?  A definition of the populist radical right
  • Anarchy in the EP?  The success and fragmentation of the populist radical right in the European Parliament since 1979
  • Participation in the European Parliament: an analysis of populist radical right rapporteurs

Wider research context

  • Why is this research important?
  • What can be learned from this research?

About Laura MacKenzie

Laura presented her work at the Festival of Postgraduate Research 17th May 2012 - view Laura's festival poster.

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