Festival of Postgraduate Research 2013 - Medicine and Biosciences

Meet the Next Generation of World-Class Researchers

The Festival of Postgraduate Research is where the very best of our doctoral researchers get the chance to present themselves to the wider University, employers, and the public.


Ellie Karekla

Sarah Sabir

Robert Weinmeister


Mike Jay

Natalie Simmonds

Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine

Janica Auluck

Lara Lewis

Cardiovascular Sciences

Cao Huy Thong

Nikesh Dattani

Damian Roland

  • View Damian's Poster Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Cell Physiology and Pharmacology

Rodrigo Bammann


Mohamed Alamro

  • View Mohamed's Poster Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Gurdeep Kooner

Marie Nugent

Rebecca Richards

Health Sciences

Oluranti Epko

Helen Lowe

Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation

Emma Comber


Jenny Watts

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