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Male Presenter SmilingThe Festival of Postgraduate Research, presented by the Graduate School for the eleventh year in 2015, is where the very best of our doctoral researchers get the chance to present themselves to the wider University, employers, and the public.

This year's Festival takes place Monday 6th July in the Charles Wilson Building on the main University campus. Admission is free.

"Explaining my work to the audience gave me the chance to look at it in a different way. It has helped me see its broader applications and also how far the project has evolved since it began."

Fifty postgraduate researchers, selected competitively from the University's 1,500 member doctoral community, will be invited to exhibit their research in as a poster presentation and asked to describe their work and its real world implications to a non-specialist audience. The Festival offers fellow researchers, the wider University, employers, the media, and the general public an opportunity to meet the next generation of innovators and cutting-edge researchers.

For those who take part the Festival it is a unique opportunity to network with employers and others in their field and develop their own profile as a researcher - and for the University it's an opportunity to celebrate the strength of its postgraduate researcher community.

Highlight of the University Calendar

"I really enjoyed the day.  It gave me a chance to make new contacts which may prove useful for current work and for later on in my career. 

Talking about my research and getting positive feedback was really rewarding. It also gave me the chance to see what other research goes on in the University."

Over the past ten years the Festival has established itself as a highlight of the University calendar and has proven hugely popular with audiences - giving them a chance to meet and speak with researchers directly. The Festival concludes with an awards ceremony - with winners for the best presentation in each discipline, a number of specialist prizes, and the Graduate Dean's prize for the best presentation overall.

Many of these prizes are sponsored by employers who value the unique opportunity that the Festival provides to engage with up-and-coming researchers and hear more about the real-world applications of the work taking place across the University. We thank all those organisations and businesses who are sponsoring prizes at the 2015 Festival of Postgraduate Research.

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