3 Minute Thesis Competition - 2014 Presenters

The University of Leicester 3 Minute Thesis competition will be held 24 June 13:00-15:00 in the Peter Williams Lecture Theatre. All University students, postgraduates, and staff are invited to attend and registration is FREE - to book your place please email festival@le.ac.uk

Our 2014 Presenters

Ana Carrillo-Lopez

Department of Politics and International Relations

European Identity and Transnational Citizens

Rikke Duus

School of Management

Speak to the Leg: How Objects Form Relationships with Us

Sumia Essid

Department of Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation

C-Peptide: An Exciting New Treatment to Protect Muscle in Type 1 Diabetes

Stevie-Jade Hardy

Department of Criminology

What's Hate Got to Do With It?: Challenging the Myth Around Hate Crime Offenders

Min Lee

School of Management

Lone No More: The Sociable Ethical Consumer

Omolara Okunuga

Department of Chemistry

Death's Fingerprint: Quantifying the Smell of Death

Anthony O'Tierney

School of Management

The High Court Hawthorn Effect on Home Loans

Andrea Scarpato

School of Archaeology and Ancient History

Defining a "Mediterranean Bridge": The Relationship Between Sparta and Crete

Eirini Zempi

Department of Criminology

Unveiling Islamophobia: The Victimisation of Veiled Muslim Women
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