Application for Gold Open Access fees: UKRI, Wellcome Trust, BHF, CRUK

Use this form to apply for Gold Open Access fees (sometimes called `article processing charges') for papers that are a result of, and acknowledge, funding from British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Wellcome Trust or UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

We will ask you for details of your paper, the Open Access fee, and your grant.

You should ideally apply here before submitting your paper. If you apply after your paper has been accepted, we cannot guarantee to pay the fee and you may be left with the invoice.

Please note that we only use the funding to cover open access fees.  We do not pay page or colour charges under any circumstances and you will need to find alternative funding for these.

The University of Leicester do not have an Institutional Open Access Fund.

About you
Your paper
Open access fee
Your funder
Your funder   Please tick the funder or funders who supported the research in your paper
Final check
Final check   By ticking the box below I confirm that
What happens next?
The Library will check your application and give you a decision within two working days if your request is straightforward. If we have to contact the publisher or funder we will let you know why there is a delay.
Note If you see a ‘This page does not seem to exist’ message when you submit the form, please use the back button then check that all fields marked with a red square are filled, that you have provided a valid email address and that the value of the open access fee is just a whole number without currency symbol or decimal point.

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