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The Academic Advisers will:

  • Advise you on the skills and techniques required to help you get the best possible results you can.
  • Support students from all departments.
  • Ensure that all meetings are kept confidential from your department unless you provide us with permission to contact your department on your behalf.

The Academic Advisers will not:

  • Do your coursework for you.
  • Proof read or 'check' your coursework.
  • Be able, necessarily, to answer every question that you might have. Whilst we will do our utmost to help in anyway we can, there may be cases where we advise you speak directly to your subject tutor(s).
  • Offer opinions or judgements on how a piece of work has been marked.
  • Advise on matters relating to academic regulations such as mitigating circumstances - although we will advise you on who you can contact for advice on these matters.
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