University Bike Park Application

Please use this form to apply for access to use the University Bike Park.

The University Bike Park located in front of the David Wilson Library provides protected storage for staff and students.

You must have a University access card to use the Bike Park. If you do not have one please arrange to obtain one from the Security Lodge once you have submitted this form (you will need to complete an access form).

Please ensure you have read the Terms of Use before you submit this application.

Instructions on how to use the two-tiered racks.

If you require a paper copy or assistance with this application please email or call 2546.

Join the Bicycle Users Group for regular updates on all cycling news at the University

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Please confirm that you have read the terms of use  

Do you have a D-lock? We suggest that you use a D lock when storing your bike on Campus for added security. These are available at the Security lodge at very discounted rates for staff and students.

Is your bike coded? Having your bike coded enables police to identify it if it is stolen.

Thank you for your application. Your university access card should be activated within five working days.

Please note that you will not receive an email notification. If your card does not allow access within five working days, please contact the ECS Support Office (opposite entrance to Peter Williams lecture theatre).

If you experience any problems or have any queries please email

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