Categories and criteria

For each category, judges will be looking for two or more of the following:

1. Valuing People

  • Respects and appreciates other people
  • Helps others to achieve their potential
  • Recognises the contributions of others and thanks them
  • Ensures that everyone understands the value of contributions

2. Creative Innovator

  • Proactive and solves problems creatively
  • Fosters a culture of service improvement and creates an environment for innovation
  • Clear and resilient communicator
  • Confidence to try new things and learn from mistakes

3. Working Together - Team of the Year

  • Demonstrates excellent team working
  • Effectively collaborates with others to actively break down silos
  • Draws on best practice and the experience of others
  • Creates networks to enable knowledge sharing and the development of new ideas

4. Exceptional Team Member

  • An ‘unsung hero’ who consistently provides exceptional support to other teams and/or students
  • Makes an exceptional difference to their team
  • Manages expectations and delivers on promises
  • Responsive to take actions that make a difference
  • Takes ownership and responsibility for their actions including admitting mistakes

5. Inspiring Leader

  • Values knowledge and expertise and knows when to use them
  • Demonstrates integrity, honesty and transparency
  • Encourages cross working and breaks down silos
  • Positive role model who makes time to listen and encourages others

6.Student Experience

  • Makes an outstanding contribution to the educational environment
  • Recognises and supports the diversity of student needs
  • Makes an exceptional contribution to creating a culture of excellence
  • Demonstrates proactive action to enhance the student learning experience 

7. Teaching Excellence

  • Contributes to continuous professional development of the academic community
  • Reflects on their own practice and shares expertise
  • Raises the profile of excellence in teaching and learning
  • Supports their colleagues, for example through coaching and/or mentoring to develop own teaching practice
  • Demonstrates innovative practice and sustained commitment to advancing and positively influencing the teaching experience

8. Research Excellence

  • Led a research project with potential impact
  • Achieved external recognition for research
  • Demonstrates significant or novel results
  • Fosters creative collaborations
  • Imaginatively communicates research results

9. Excellence in Internationalisation

  • Identifies, develops and sustains valuable new international partnerships
  • Champions initiatives in the implementation of the international strategy
  • Works to integrate two-way understanding between international and home students
  • Establishes or enhances successful international opportunities/programmes
  • Collaborates and shares internationalisation best-practice across departments in support of our University strategy

10. Equalities Champion

  • Ambassador for championing diversity and  promoting inclusion
  • Actively works to develop an inclusive workplace in their everyday goals and behaviour
  • Shown a significant and measurable impact on improving staff equality, diversity and/or inclusion
  • Led an outstanding initiative to promote equality, diversity and inclusion

11. Enterprise Award

  • Raises the profile of the University in enterprise
  • Demonstrates economic, social and/or cultural impact
  • Shows innovation in their approach
  • Achievement of commercial success and/or a sustainable development
  • Fosters engagement with external partners and/or the community

12. Digital Excellence

  • Proactively seeks and utilises opportunities to innovate through technology
  • Actively embraces new innovation opportunities and champions with passion and enthusiasm
  • Displays innovative use of technology
  • Demonstrates innovative use of data to inform and enable decision making and improvement

13. President’s Award

  • Deserves to be honoured for their contribution to higher education above and beyond their own professional role 

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Awards Ceremony 2017

The 2017 Discovering Excellence Awards Ceremony will be held at Stamford Court on Thursday 16 November, 6.00pm-10.00pm.

Tickets for the event were allocated in a ballot which is now closed.