Resources, training and links to further guidance

Research ethics guidance by external organisations

If you want to learn more about research ethics, a wide range of external resources is available - many of which are publicly accessible online.

If you have questions general ethics-related queries please send them to:

Policy and procedural guidance

Many research funders and related organisations have their own guidance on research ethics - use the links below to learn more:

A number of UK universities now host centres for the academic study of ethics and related disciplines. These often run seminars and workshops on ethics and ethical practice as well as publishing their own research in these fields.

Training in research ethics

The Leicester Learning Institute provides training sessions in specific ethical issues and procedures as part of Researcher Development Programme.

Study guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students

The University's Careers Service have developed an online research ethics study guide and this may be of interest to students and postgraduates whose research involves human participants.

Ethics checklist

The ethics checklist is a series of questions designed to help researchers who are planning a new project to ensure that they have considered all the possible ethical issues before submitting a proposal for ethical approval.


Short overview videos

How to complete the sections of the form

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