Scrutiny of Projects by Research Ethics Committees

The University's Ethics Code of Practice was reviewed during the 2015/16 academic year. The ethical review system is in the process of being reviewed and upgraded (2017/18).

Remit of Research Ethics Committees

The Committees are concerned with non-clinical research concerning human participants. In addition the Committees may, as appropriate, engage with such ethical issues as may arise consequent upon research in the University.

Procedure for Dealing with Applications

  1. Initial Scrutiny and "Light Touch" Review
  2. Consideration of "Minimal Risk"
  3. Composition of Departmental/College Committees
  4. Applications Considered by Departmental/College Committees
  5. Procedure to be Followed by Departmental/College Committees
  6. Criteria to be Applied
  7. Provision for Referral to University Committee

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