Course Reps: Medicine, Biological Science and Psychology

View course reps for departments within the College of Medicine, Biological Science and Psychology


Choose from the list below to view elected students for your course. If your course/department/year are not listed, it may be that there have either been no nominations or there was no online courserep participation. Please contact the Education and Representations coordinator listed in the 'Contact details' section for more information.

Biological Sciences

BSc Biological Sciences First Darta Busa
BSc Biological Sciences First Francesca Difede
BSc Biological Sciences First Natalie Howe
BSc Biological Sciences First Sanah Nazir
BSc Biological Sciences Second Cynthia Emmanuel
BSc Biological Sciences Second Oke Obiuwevbi
BSc Biological Sciences Second Shajia Shahid
BSc Biological Sciences Second Sharon Adebisi
BSc Biological Sciences Third Peter Walker
BSc Medical Biochemistry First James Lodge
BSc Medical Biochemistry Second Elizabeth Ogunbayo
BSc Medical Biochemistry Third Joe Bishop
BSc Medical Biochemistry Third Justine Dacanay
BSc Medical Genetics First Bethan Atkins
BSc Medical Genetics Second Kinga Kolodziej
BSc Medical Microbiology First Liam Regan
BSc Medical Microbiology Second Zainab Khote
BSc Medical Microbiology Third Aimee Hutton
BSc Medical Physiology First Aysha Ahmed
BSc Medical Physiology Second Jessica Lail
BSc Medical Physiology Third Mowa Ojo

Health Sciences

MRes Applied Health Research Masters Aujla Hardeep
MRes Applied Health Research Masters Hana Baig

Infection Immunity and Inflammation

MSc Chronic Disease & Immunity/III Masters Nada Aboelella

Joint Degree

Intercalated BSc degrees One Year Sara Venturini


MBChB Medicine First Year Daniel Slavin
MBChB Medicine
Second Year Jvalent Parekh
MBChB Medicine
Second Year Mostafa Beshr
MBChB Medicine
Third Year Harraj Bains
MBChB Medicine
Third Year Peter Dudley
MBChB Medicine
Fourth Year Olivia Leafe
MBChB Medicine
Fourth Year Maheen Gill
MBChB Medicine Fifth Year

Sara Sheikh

MBChB Medicine
Graduate Entry Victoria Baird

Molecular and Cell Biology

CCMB MSc Masters Jason Rodencal
CCMB MSc Masters Sathit Suwannakul


BSc Applied Psychology First Izzy Woolrych
BSc Applied Psychology Second Amelia Pinion
BSc Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience First Nopparada Mingchinda
BSc Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience Second Emma Settery
BSc Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience Third Lucy Buckley
BSc Psychology First Tasleem Patel
BSc Psychology Second Joy Perry
BSc Psychology Third Laura Bacon
BSc Psychology with Sociology First Laura Blrkett
BSc Psychology with Sociology Second Georgina Patrick

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