Office 365 - a new way of working

The tools available through Office 365 offer you an improved way to work online, share information and collaborate within teams. We have introduced some of the tools available through Office 365 already and new ones are on the way.

Office 365 landing pageYammer

In January 2016 we introduced Yammer as an online discussion forum for staff. It's an incredibly versatile tool, useful for group discussions, questions, collaborative working.

Think of it as an online meeting room or staff room that's always open. Through Yammer we've had a number of very useful discussions about smoking policy on campus, reducing email use and getting feedback on a range of internal comms improvements.

It also hosts groups including Wanted/For Sale, staff social, and other ways to get involved in University life. Sign in, join some groups and get involved!

Skype for Business

We introduced Skype for Business last year in order to improve communication and provide a useful alternative to the phone system. As well as video calling you can work on a document online, share work with colleagues and send instant messages.

When integrated with the rest of Office 365, Skype for Business is a powerful communications too. Find out how to use Skype for Business.


Access your documents anywhere and work online. Essentially a replacement for your personal Z drive, OneDrive also allows you to share you documents with colleagues and allow them to contribute to your work. Your recent documents within OneDrive will be shown on the MyWorkspace homepage when it is launched. OneDrive was introduced for staff in March 2017. Take a look at how OneDrive could help you.

Office 365 email

In order to gain the full functionality of Office 365, all staff and postgraduate researchers' email accounts were upgraded to Office 365 email in May 2017. This is required for access to Groups and you will need it to make the most out of the whole Office 365 suite.

Office 365 Groups and Teams

Do you work in a team? Run a project? Need to share information across different parts of the University? We may be able to save you a load of hassle. Groups and Teams allow you to work online in a truly collaborative way.

The team will get a 'homepage', OneDrive file storage and the ability to edit documents online, a shared calendar which is linked to 365 email and a discussion area. Groups are private so you can use them to discuss, share and organise within your team.

Putting all the features together they are the perfect way to support meetings and committees, with online file store, calendars of upcoming meetings and the ability to carry on meeting discussions in real time. Groups will start to be introduced later this year.

Windows 10 and Office 2016

We will be moving staff and students using University PCs onto Windows 10 and Office 2016. Not only will this give you improved functionality using your PC, it will improve your experience of Office 365 as it integrates all the above elements into your desktop.

Meet the team

  • Liz Bailey - Director of IT and Office 365 Product Owner
  • Rebecca Smith - Office 365 Scrum Master
  • Jonathan Urry - Systems Specialist (Windows Services)
  • Wajid Yusaf – Senior Solutions Developer
  • James Mostyn - Project Manager
  • Mark Harrison - IT Communications Specialist
  • Lizzie Yorke – Office 365 Operational Support
  • David Makosch – Office 365 Operational Support

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