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This programme will introduce a step change in how we present the University online by focusing on user-oriented content that is easy to find and easy to digest.

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Our goal is to deliver this complex migration from Plone to Sitecore in a series of stages, driven by customer-facing content most relevant to our reputation.

Why are we doing this?

The information we provide to applicants must be accurate, easily accessible and cover what is necessary for students to make informed choices to ensure that we conform to the Competition and Markets Authority’s guidelines.

The Plone website has 60,000 pages and navigation around the site is difficult. Some of the information may be out of date and in breach of consumer legislation. Therefore, there is an urgent need for us to review our content and redevelop our online presence, creating a single, central record of externally visible content.

What is our vision?

Our vision is that the University will have an externally-facing website that powerfully communicates the University’s brand – on desktop, mobile and other devices, while performing well in search engines – thereby enabling the University to compete on an international level. Visitors to our website, with recognised differing requirements, will easily and speedily access the information they need to enable informed decision-making.

What will success look like?

The transformation of online communications at the University will enable us to provide our users with consistent communications that are targeted and personalised at every milestone during their online journey with us.

We have developed a number of critical success factors for the Web Communications Programme which will inform its success:

  1. A positive improvement of our web audience and user’s experience
  2. Enhanced web analytics to enable better, integrated student recruitment and marketing planning
  3. Increase external visibility of our website through improved search engine optimisation (SEO)
  4. Develop an appropriate level of in-house platform support and development capability
  5. Develop a shared clarity regarding the governance and roles and responsibilities for the University Internet landscape, helping to foster a more regulated and coherent environment

Meet the team

  • University Web Team
  • Abi Kelly - Digital Communications Manager
  • Ross Tarbard - Senior Internal Communications Officer

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