Digital Reading Room

Our Digital Reading Room is a revolutionary new learning space in the University library, where staff and students can create, discover, inform, engage and share with friends and colleagues.

More than a social learning space and more than a computer room, this is a flexible learning area where you can use your tech on your terms. Sit down, grab a coffee, chat, explore and plug in. Whether you're looking for an informal area to work, or somewhere to quickly plug in on your way to another lecture, the Digital Reading Room is ideal.

So while it's a learning space, it's also a physical manifestation of what we are trying to do with our digital campus in terms of connecting people with technology and building a more digitally fluent organisation.

Interactive technology

The room has been designed to encourage creativity and experimentation, boasting a touchscreen table and interactive wall which can be used for a variety of purposes- whether it be showcasing research, brainstorming group presentations, or even using its variety of interactive games during study breaks.

Not sure where to start? Just ask one of our staff in the room who will help you get the most out of this new technology.


The room is open during the usual Library opening hours, you just need to use your staff or student card to open the door.

See further information from the opening day announcement on 5 February 2018.

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