Digital Skills and Capabilities

The University’s Digital Strategy commits to deliver a digital campus to support the University’s teaching, learning and research ambitions. To deliver this strategic aim, an integral programme of work, entitled ‘Digital Skills and Capabilities’ will establish institutional structures to enable the institution, teams and individuals to make the best use of current and future technology to transform our working practices, operating models and digital culture.


Build institutional digital fluency of staff and students to contribute to a vibrant digital campus.

This will be delivered through a programme of four interconnected and synergistic projects:

Role of the DSC Steering Group

The Digital Skills and Capabilities (DSC) Steering Group brings together representatives from six stakeholder services who are already involved in digital skills development, namely Leicester Learning Institute, Library, IT Services, Career Development Service, HR Organisational Development and Research Enterprise Division Doctoral College, This group provides guidance and implementation of the DSC Programme. This DSC Steering Group exemplifies a collaborative approach across the institution and will also work in partnership with national groups.


The DSC Steering Group will act as the programme board for the DSC Programme, guiding the projects within the programme to ensure the enhancement of individual, team and institutional digital skills and capabilities. The group will specifically define and implement a Digital Literacy Framework for the institution. The DSC Steering Group will also undertake university-wide stakeholder engagement and high-level alignment activities of this Digital Literacy Framework with their services and other institutional initiatives. The DSC steering group will not define and commission new projects. New projects can only be initiated by the Digital Strategy Implementation Working Group.


  1. Establish and communicate an institutional Digital Literacy Framework to underpin the work of the Digital Skills and Capabilities Programme
  2. Provide strategic direction and implementation of the Digital Literacy Framework within their services and other institutional initiatives
  3. Report to the Steering Group on matters related to their lead area of digital literacy development for staff and students
  4. Guide, monitor and evaluate projects within the Digital Skills and Capabilities Programme
  5. Build a strong working relationship with key external stakeholders

Reports to

Digital Strategy Implementation Working group, University Leadership Team (ULT). See the governance structure of the Digital Strategy.

As and when needs arise, the DSC Steering Group may create working groups that report to it, to undertake specific activities on its behalf.


The DSC Steering Group will involve a core membership that includes:

  1. Ross Parry - Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor Digital (Sponsor & SRO - Senior Responsible Owner)
  2. Nevin Moledina - Chair & Programme Manager (responsible on behalf of SRO for delivery)
  3. Liz Bailey - Director of IT
  4. Maxine Hubbard - Head of Customer Service Operations, IT Services
  5. Ismail Patel - Service Desk, Training & Communications Manager, IT Services
  6. Caroline Taylor - University Librarian
  7. Neil Donohue - Associate Director Academic Engagement, Library
  8. Jo Atkins - Associate Director User Services, Library
  9. Frances Deepwell - Director - Leicester Learning Institute
  10. Matt Mobbs - Learning Technologist, Leicester Learning Institute
  11. Alex Patel / Stephen Walker - Educational Development Advisor Digital, Leicester Learning Institute
  12. Bethany Cox - Digital Strategy Graduate Intern
  13. Richard Wilcock - Associate Director, Career Development Service
  14. Claire McAteer - Organisational Development Advisor, HR Organisational Development
  15. Meera Warrier - Head of Researcher Development, Doctoral College
  16. Martin Coffey - Linkedin Learning Pilot Project Manager, Doctoral College

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