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With the creation of the new staff workspace, phasing out of the old website and introduction of Office 365 we know you'll have questions, so we're trying to answer as many as possible here.

You can ask questions or share comments on the plans in the Digital Campus Yammer group.


Will the new websites replace Plone?

We are intending to turn off the Plone website and are looking to move pages onto either the internally-facing Office 365 site, or the externally facing Sitecore site.

Will site search be improved?

Yes, it’s in our plan. Courses were added at the top of results to address feedback from prospective students. However, the new course search is working and so we plan to remove these. External-facing content is competing with internal-facing content which thanks to the intranet development will be resolved.

Will the Sitecore design be suitable for all content?

The design will remain basically the same but we will be introducing some additional templates.


What about my staff and student facing content on the website?

Where internal-only content is included on the University of Leicester website, this will be moved to the new intranet and our team of web writers will be in touch to discuss how it will fit in the new structure.

Is it secure?

Yes. Office 365 is controlled by the University login page where you may need to enter your University IT account username and password if you are off campus. If you’re working within an Office 365 group or a private group within Yammer only the people in that group can see your discussions and documents.

Website content migration

When will my site be transferring to Sitecore? Can it be soon?

We have a Programme timeline and we will be approaching content providers at the appropriate time as part of the Programme.

How will the move to Sitecore be handled? How much work will we need to do?

We will be engaging with content providers at the appropriate times and have a team who will be there to help update and rewrite content. The work needed and the approach will vary on a case by case basis. It is likely that some content may be deleted or archived.

Who will be moving this information?

We have recruited content specialists who will work with departments and professional services to firstly identify where content should sit, and then work to move information across into the new system.

Will I still have editing rights?

Will will be taking away some people's editing rights. We currently have more than 1000 people with editing rights for the Plone webpages, which means there is no way of monitoring content and ensuring everything on our website is up to date and useful. We will identify key people within departments, these may well be existing editors, and will have a tiered structure of web specialists. Training in the new systems will be provided.

Where will the cut be made between internal and external content on departmental and College pages on the external website?

This is still under discussion. All decisions will be made in consultation with content owners in departments, but we have mapped out structures and approaches for the internal and external webpages. A lot of information will be easy to place into an internal and external

Office 365

Will these changes improve my search experience?

Yes they will. The website search is currently optimised for external and prospective students, so finding internal information can be tricky. Having internal content within SharePoint means that it will mean this information is highlighted in searches from the new staff workspace, coupled with an improved and logical structure and the powerful and integrated search from Office 365 and SharePoint.

We often need to collaborate with researchers at other institutions will this change help with this?

The focus at the moment is on internal collaboration. External collaboration using Office 365 tools, Dropbox, or some other solution is likely to be looked at in 2018.

Can I access this off-campus?

Yes you can. Just visit and enter your full University email address (e.g. and password.

I'm on a Mac, how can I access all of this?

While you will not get a Windows 10 upgrade, all the other elements of the staff workspace and Office 365 will be available to you online over the coming months.

What about file stores/network drives?

OneDrive is likely to eventually replace the Personal Z drive, which is a far more flexible and interactive.

What type of data should OneDrive be used for?

See the OneDrive section entitled What do I need to Know.

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