About the Department

The Division of Biomedical Services is led by the Director who is responsible to the Establishment Holder for the day-to-day care of all animals housed in the Preclinical Research Facility.

The animal technologists at the University are specialists in the care and welfare of laboratory animals and can also provide technical support to research programmes. The animal technologists are encouraged to undertake professional qualifications such as those awarded by the Institute of Animal Technology and to take part in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by attending scientific meetings, researcher and supplier presentations and visits to other institutions.

Contact the designated email accounts relating to a specific topic you may require listed below.

1. Breeding Core breedingcore@leicester.ac.uk

2. Experimental Core experimentalcore@leicester.ac.uk

3. Transfer of animals (including quarantine area) plus         Imports/Exports: dbsanimaltransfer@leicester.ac.uk

4. Training and In vivo services requests traininginvivoserv@leicester.ac.uk

5. Aquatics aquatics@leicester.ac.uk

6. Health and Safety/Building enquiries dbssafety@leicester.ac.uk

7. PRF Access requests/Room  Booking queries: dbsadmin@leicester.ac.uk

8.  External animal orders/DBS Quotations/Finance Queries: PRFPurchasing@leicester.ac.uk

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