Lynn FowkesRev Lynn Fowkes
Minister of St Stephen's United Reformed Church

Welcome to everyone on behalf of the Ecumenical team of Chaplains to Leicester University.

We are all approaching Easter in our different ways. For some tomorrow is the end of term and Easter will have arrived; whilst many are only half way through the journey and tonight is an opportunity to pause and reflect before the demands on time and energy become even greater, a place to regain strength for the uphill struggle.

This evening we come together. We come as friends and followers; as bystanders or believers; as musicians and ministers. This evening we hear the Seven Last Words of Christ interpreted for us in music and in words. This evening as we approach Easter, we take our time to approach the Cross.

The earth has shaken. The ground has broken. The rocks have split.

But the words of Jesus still remain. The prayer of Jesus remains - that all may be one.

This evening we come in trust.

Friends and followers, bystanders and believers, musicians and ministers. Together in the Cross.

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