Christmas Quiz 2016

Christmas Quiz 2016 with answers
  1. How many Sundays in Advent, the season before Christmas are there?    4
  2. ‘Foie gras’ is French dish made from the liver of which type of creature?    Duck or Goose
  3.  The Christmas film ‘Miracle on 34th St is based in which US city?    New York
  4. According to the Carol, how many ships came sailing in on Christmas Day?    3
  5. What are these ‘ships’?   Camels
  6. The following letters represent each of the words in the title of which carol…OIRDC?    Once in Royal David's City
  7. Who banned Christmas in 1647?    Oliver Cromwell
  8. Who is famously recorded as using the phrase ‘Baa humbug’ in Dicken’s ‘Christmas Carol’?    Scrooge
  9.  What is most common gift in a Christmas Cracker?    A hat (paper!)

10.   What other name is given to the carol ‘O Tannenbaum’?    O Christmas Tree

11.   Which British Monarch gave the first royal Christmas broadcast on Christmas Day?    George V

12.   ‘Holy Infant so tender and mild’ are lyrics from which carol?    Silent Night

13.   The following letters represent each of the words in the title of which Christmas Song –IDOAWC?    I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

14.  Which female American singer sang ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ in 1994?    Mariah Carey

15.   What was ‘roasting on an open fire’ sung by Nat King Cole?    Chestnuts

16.   Which hand held Nintendo product was the most popular Christmas gift in 1989?    Gameboy

17.   Which group of puppets had a movie based loosely on ‘A Christmas Carol’?    Muppets

18. ‘Christmas is all around’ by the character Billy Mack was featured in which film?    Love Actually

19. In the same film name three actresses?    Emma Thompson; Claudia Schifer; Keira Knightly; Martine McCutcheon

20. Who had a Christmas No 1 UK hit single called ‘I want to hold your hand’ in 1963?    The Beatles

21. ‘O tidings of comfort and joy’ are lyrics from which carol?    God Rest You Merry Gentlemen

22. In the film Toy Story, the final scene takes place on Christmas Day. What were the names of the rivals in the film(the cowboy and the sci-fi action figure?)    Woody; Buzz Lightyear

23. The port of Archangel is situated on which sea?    The White Sea

24. According to the proverb, what type of horse should you never look in the mouth of?    A Gift Horse

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