Vice-Chancellor’s address: the Legacy of Leicester

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A summary of the address to staff given by Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Robert Burgess on 15 July 2014

In his final annual address to staff preceding the 2014 summer graduation ceremonies, Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Robert Burgess spoke about the Legacy of Leicester.

The Vice-Chancellor began with an overview of Leicester’s seven key discoveries, setting them in context and illustrating where we have got to and where we will go from here.

Though academic activity is at the heart of the University’s mission, Professor Burgess highlighted the work of all staff as essential to the delivery of its academic work and the excellence that we aspire to.

The Vice-Chancellor then took the opportunity to look back over the past fifteen years of achievements, milestones and developments at Leicester. He gave his thoughts on the future development of the campus and an overview of new buildings

In illustrating the increase in student numbers to close to 23,000, the Vice-Chancellor noted the challenges in managing the relationships between types of students, such as undergraduate and postgraduate, or part-time and full-time.

Professor Burgess described the University as ‘a business with Higher Education its heart’ – but emphasised that it should never forget that it is a university. Today, the University’s annual turnover is in the region of £300 million, over double the figure from 15 years ago. However, the University faces financial challenges and Professor Burgess noted that financial forecasting will become more difficult and emphasised the importance of new options to sustain financial sustainability, such as philanthropy.

Finally, the Vice-Chancellor thanked staff for their support during his time at Leicester:

“Thank you very much indeed for supporting me in the last fifteen years; […] thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to develop certain ideas and certain themes and certain activities in the University; and thank you very much for all the contributions that you each have made to making this a very successful university and may you continue to go from strength to strength […] to make it the successful institution we know it to be.”

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