Professor Burgess in the media

Selected interviews with Professor Sir Robert Burgess in the national media
The University has grown in self-confidence and growing in self-confidence means that you can apply that in all sorts of different contexts, so I’m very pleased with that.

BBC Leicester - In depth interview 15 August 2014

I set out to make sure everything we did, we did to the highest quality, so our institutions were areas for enhancement.

Leicester Mercury - Retiring Professor Sir Robert Burgess reflects on his career at the University of Leicester 9 August 2014

People can still write great articles and important books, influence policy and engage in discovery. Higher education is really exciting – and continues to be.

Times Higher Education - The Leicester legacy that Bob Burgess built 24 July 2014

He stands out among vice-chancellors for being constantly even-tempered, thoughtful and wise," says Andy Westwood, chief executive of GuildHE. "He is not a grandstander.

The Independent: The University of Leicester's vice-chancellor Bob Burgess has shaken up higher education 29 May 2014

Once we have it in place, the big question that remains is whether [the HEAR] will make degree classifications obsolete.

The Independent: Bob Burgess: I hope student records make degree classes obsolete 05 November 2009

All this activity is being overseen by Professor Bob Burgess, the vice-chancellor, who has held the post since 1999 and who has managed to improve Leicester's standing by paying a lot of attention to important details.

The Independent: A new library with spectacular lavatories is wowing students at Leicester 27 March 2008

Fifty years ago we were the new university on the block. Now, we are among the major players in this country.

The Times: ‘Leicester, a giant on the move’ 25 September 2007 (access via subscription only)

You have to keep asking the question, 'What shape of university do you want?' and take action accordingly.

The Independent: 'There's a real buzz about it' 01 July 2004

Professor Burgess is one of a new breed of university boss, refreshingly 'unsnooty' about the importance of being entrpreneurial.

The Independent: Fear not...the Professor has a cunning plan 2 March 2000

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