“The best job I’ve ever had in Higher Education”: University bids farewell to Professor Burgess

A reception was held on 11 September for staff to share their best wishes for the Vice-Chancellor’s retirement

Colleagues and friends gathered on 11 September to bid farewell to Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Robert Burgess after 15 years as head of the University of Leicester.

A substantial crowd of well-wishers met him at the Parkside Lounge of the Charles Wilson, consisting of academic staff, senior managers, members of the professional services and friends of the University, all of whom took the opportunity to share their best wishes for his retirement.

The Registrar Dave Hall (pictured below, right) said farewell on behalf of the University in a speech referencing the Vice-Chancellor’s many official appointments and commitments, his reputation for ‘getting things done’ and the many honours and distinctions that he has received in his time.

He highlighted Professor Burgess’s long and successful career in the Higher Education Sector, beginning with his role as a Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Warwick and his progression to become their Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor there before joining the University of Leicester.

Among his achievements during this time, the Registrar picked out his nationally relevant work on graduate education and overseeing Leicester’s growth in stature to become a leading top-20 university as being particularly close to Professor Burgess’s heart.

The farewell finished with the announcement of the current total donated to the Sir Robert and Lady Hilary Burgess Research and Teaching Fund, launched to mark the Vice-Chancellor’s retirement.

Professor Burgess then addressed the attendees by thanking all those who have contributed to the Research and Teaching Fund, and everyone involved in the work of the University.

He said: “The University is absolutely everyone, and everyone is a vital part of it. I’ve really enjoyed working with you and I’ve really enjoyed a whole range of activities across the University.

“I think it’s the best job that I’ve ever had in the Higher Education sector and I have to say that if you get offered the opportunity to be a Vice-Chancellor say ‘Yes, please!’ Because it’s a really great job and it’s a great job because all of you have made it great.”

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