Richard III at the Big Bang Fair 2014


In 2014 the University of Leicester was at the Big Bang Fair, at the NEC in Birmingham, over 13-16 March.

We demonstrated to children, teachers and families how science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) all had a part in the discovery of Richard III.  The stand will cover:

  • Archaeology
  • Engineering
  • Osteoarchaeology
  • Genetics

These subjects along with studies in History, English, and Geography make the Richard III project a truly multidisciplinary adventure.   More can be found on the project as a whole on the University's Richard III project website.

The University of Leicester not only researches these subjects and puts them to use, but also teaches and provides outreach to schools.

The stand itself was adapted for this event from a stand used by Dr Cas Kramer of GENIE Cetl at the Royal Society that holds a DNA model in one corner.  The archaeology stratigraphy tube was made at the University by Dave Jones and his team in the Core Biotechnology Services (CBS) Biomedical Joint Workshops and filled to specification by Debbie Miles-Williams, Archaeology Outreach Officer.  The Department of Engineering also created a new exhibit, a scaled down version of their 3 metre tall drop tower that demonstrates the force required to penetrate armour with arrows.

A team of staff and student volunteers were on hand over the event to translate the science behind the discovery to the public.  The team were:
Dr Cas Kramer, Dr David Weston, Dr Richard Badge, Debbie Miles-Williams, Mike Hawkes, Andy Johnson, Andy Hyam, Charlotte Barratt, Karen Drexelius, Katherine Knight, Emma Roberts, Richard Earp, Adam Brown, Vinay Patel, James Wilson, Amy Wale, Anna Mousbauer, Edward Coady, Ben Richardson, Marie Nugent, Kezah Shah and Mitchell Tiisler.  With additional thanks to Andrew Shefford for help adjusting the stand.

Watch a YouTube video of the event.

CBS Biomedical Joint Workshop

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