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Professor Martin Tobin, Director

Martin Tobin
Professor Martin Tobin
Martin is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Leicester and an Honorary Consultant in Public Health. He holds a prestigious Wellcome Trust Investigator Award. As a firm believer in the benefits of “team science”, he has led and co-led teams in large collaborative projects that have transformed our understanding of the genetic mechanisms underlying lung function, smoking and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – COPD being the third leading cause of death globally. He is also leading collaborations between academia, industry and the NHS to build upon these findings – these are aimed at the identification of new drug targets and at better targeted prevention and treatment for COPD.

The Genomics England project aims to transform use of genomics in the NHS. Martin leads the Quantitative Methods, Machine Learning and Functional Genomics Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP) – a group of over 150 scientists - for this national project. He is principal investigator for EXCEED, a large local longitudinal cohort study and platform for recruiting to new local studies addressing the relationships between genetic variation, disease and response to treatment in our diverse local population. As well as leading several international consortia, Martin’s research has contributed to discoveries in the genetic understanding of blood pressure and lipid levels, and has developed methods widely used in such studies. He has served on national panels addressing the development of research skills and career paths, which is essential in disciplines underpinning precision medicine. His research has shown several examples of new discoveries made possible through effective academic-industry collaboration - such collaborations will be key to successful innovation in precision medicine. As Institute Director, Martin will oversee the delivery of our internationally leading research and innovation in support of diagnostics, targeted drugs and personalised therapy across our portfolio of biological, clinical and health-related disciplines.


Dr Riddhi Shukla, Business Development Manager

Dr Riddhi Shukla recently joined University of Leicester as a Business Development Manager in the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology.

With her background in Pharmacy with a PhD in Neuropharmacology she is responsible for creating partnerships with a range of stakeholders to generate commercial income for the University with a particular focus on the Leicester Precision Medicine Institute. Riddhi has over 14 years experience of working in academia in business development, commercial analysis, technology commercialisation and developing spin outs. Riddhi has also engaged in private consultancy work in delivering; opportunity assessment work for other universities, European Regional Development Fund outputs and leading Higher Education STEM projects.

In addition Riddhi is a practising Pharmacist for the last 18 years and Member of General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).



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