Leicester Precision Medicine Institute

Improving Healthcare in an Ethnically Diverse Population

The Leicester Precision Medicine Institute (LPMI) unites the research expertise and facilities of the University of Leicester and University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust with industry to provide new discoveries and medical innovations that impact on the healthcare of our ethnically diverse population.


Our mission is to discover, develop and advance early, accurate diagnosis that provides the best treatment and disease management options for individual patients.

New technologies measure more aspects of our personal health than ever before:

  • GenomicsLPMI logo
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Digital monitoring
  • Imaging
  • Clinical measures on electronic healthcare records

Integration of one or more of these approaches will provide a previously unavailable scale of information to better predict, diagnose and treat disease. Through the partners of the LPMI we will ensure the early delivery of this evolution in healthcare to our patients in the UHL NHS trust and the wider UK and world population.

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Professor Martin Tobin

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