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Our long history of expertise in Space Research and Earth Observation has led to a variety of training, research and applications across the University. Within our newly established Leicester Institute for Space and Earth Observation (LISEO), we have specialist skills and equipment for the design of space missions, and for testing new instrument designs.

XMM Mission
Artist’s impression of the XMM Mission. Courtesy of the European Space Agency.

Research scientists here at Leicester have a long and distinguished record of discovery in space science. Every single year since 1967 has seen a Leicester-built instrument operating in space. We hold, and have held, vital roles in many space missions for space agencies including NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), UK Space Agency, ISRO (India) and JAXA (Japan), covering astronomical, planetary and Earth observation science missions. These include NASA/ESA's James Webb Space Telescope, ESA's Bepi-Colombo mission, and ESA's and EUMETSAT's Meteosat Second Generation missions.

Our research topics and capabilities include Space Science, Earth Observation Science, Space Engineering, Engagement and Outreach and Training and Education (including undergraduate courses and MSc degrees). See the links on left for further details.

Our Space Science work includes x-ray and observational astrophysics, radio and space plasma physics (including space weather) and planetary science and instrumentation development.

Our Earth Observation work includes expertise in air quality, climate processes and land monitoring alongside the development of satellites and sensors to support this.

Our Space Engineering capabilities include instrument development, space mechanical, thermal and optical engineering, space nuclear power systems, orbital and radiation analysis, electronic engineering and calibration and testing.

Engagement and outreach includes links to the following organisations and research centres:

Miri Inspection
MIRI instrument delivery. Courtesy of NASA.

All of these sit alongside commercial consultancy and research services we can offer.

For further information please contact Paul Corazzo.

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