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Campeotto, Ivan

Headshot 2.0

Structural Studies of key regulators of malaria and trypanosomal infections

Carr, Mark

Headshot 2.0

Structure-based drug discovery

De Biasio, Alfredo

Headshot 2.0

Molecular architecture and function of DNA replication and repair machines

Dominguez, Cyril

Cyril Dominguez Headshot 2.0

Structure and function of RNA processing complexes

Doveston, Richard

Headshot of Richard Doveston 2.0

Stabling Protein-Protein interactions

Eperon, Ian

Ian Eperon Headshot 2.0

RNA Splicing: from single-molecules to therapy

Fox, Joanna

Joanna Fox Headshot 2.0

Regulation and molecular architecture of apoptotic protein complexes

Gooptu, Bibek

Bibek Gooptu Headshot 2.0

Conformational mechanisms of lung and liver disease

Hodgkinson, James

James Hodgkinson Headshot 2.0

Synthetic organic chemistry and chemical biology

Hopkinson, Richard

Richard Hopkinson Headshot 2.0

Understanding the functional role of Formaldehyde in health and disease

Hudson, Andrew

Andrew Hudson Headshot 2.0

Biospectroscopy and imaging

Moody, Peter

Peter Moody Headshot 2.0

Enzyme structure and function

O'Hare, Helen

Molecular mechanisms of sensory perception and metabolic regulation in bacteria

Panne, Daniel

Daniel Panne Headshot 2.0

Structural biology of signal transduction and epigenetic gene regulation

Piletsky, Sergey

Sergey Piletsky Headshot 2.0

Bioanalytical chemistry

Revyakin, Andrey

Andrey Revyakin Headshot 2.0

Single molecule dynamics of gene expression

Roversi, Pietro

Pietro Roversi Headshot 2.0

ERQC modulation for broad-spectrum glycoprotein secretion-rescue

Schalch, Thomas

Thomas Schalch Headshot 2.0

Chromatin structure and function

Schmid, Ralf

Ralf Schmid Headshot 2.0

Molecular modelling and bioinformatics

Schwabe, John

John Schwabe Headshot 2.0

Structural biology of transcriptional repression complexes

Wallis, Russell

Russell Wallis Headshot 2.0

Structural biology of complement activation

Vuister, Geerten W.

Geerten Vuister headshot

Structural biology of Ca2+-transport regulation complexes

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