Facilities and Technologies

The Institute provides access to world-class research facilities both within the Institute and the wider University.


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

The Institute is well equipped with high field NMR spectrophotometers which enable superior levels of sensitivity and resolution...



X-Ray Crystallography

X-Ray Crystallography

The X-ray facilities at the Institute provide users with the necessary infrastructure, including a home source X-ray generator and various liquid handling robotics, to allow researchers to prepare protein crystals, screen crystals & collect data in house...


Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy

The Institute hosts a Midlands Regional cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM) Facility. The Facility sits at the centre of a Midlands Ecosystem with feeder instruments located in the Universities of Warwick, Birmingham, Nottingham and locally in Leicester...


Core Biological Services

Core Biological Sciences

Members of the Institute have access to the wide range of facilities and support which is offered by Core Biological Services (CBS) at the University of Leicester, these include...




Within the Department of Chemistry researchers have access to first class facilities for both synthetic and physical chemistry research, these include...


Technologies & Expertise

Within the Institute researchers are actively developing and making use of specialist and cutting-edge technologies & methodologies.

Chemical Biology

Chemical Biology

Chemical biology expertise at LISCB covers a broad range of synthetic capabilities and physical measurement methodologies, including...


Super Resolution Microscopy

Super resolution microscopy

Researchers at the Institute are developing cutting-edge super-resolution localisation microscopy...

Scientific computational infrastructure

Scientific computational structure

The Institute has a dedicated computational expert, Dr TJ Ragan, to support and develop scientific computing and computational infrastructure...


NMR Data analysis software (CCPN)

NMR Data analysis software

The Collaborative Computational Project for NMR (CCPN) is an international consortium of 28 partners which is working to provide the tools...


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