pages.jpgCAMEo brings together interdisciplinary academic expertise on cultural and creative industries, media and the arts with practice and policy concerns locally, nationally and internationally.

Our work is organised around four Research Strands:

  • Cultural Policy and Creative Economy: How can we better describe and understand cultural, media and creative economies?
  • Cultural Work and Employment: How is cultural and artistic work organised, lived and experienced?
  • Cultural Production and Consumption: How is cultural value produced and consumed, legitimated and contested?
  • Texts and Trends: How are cultural and economic formations symbolically mediated through different technologies, platforms and texts?

Cutting across and integrating the four Strands, Cultural Publics is an ongoing programme of external collaboration and engagement with different practitioners, policy-makers, communities and publics. Cultural Publics is designed to showcase the latest research and thinking, and to build new partnerships and collaborations in the city, nationally and internationally.

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CAMEo Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies

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