Recent Publications

Academic journal publications published

  • Banks, M and O’Connor, J. (2017) ‘Inside the Whale (and how to get out of there): moving on from two decades of creative industries research’, European Journal of Cultural Studies 20 (6) 637-654
  • Eikhof, D.R. (2017) ‘Analysing decisions on diversity and opportunity in the cultural and creative industries: A new framework’, Organization, 24(3): 289–307.
  • Smith Maguire, J., Watson, D. & Lang, J. 2017. The question of ‘alternatives’ within food and drink markets and marketing. Journal of Marketing Management. 33(7/8): 495-501. [DOI: 10.1080/0267257X.2017.1328906]
  • Smith Maguire, J. 2016. The taste for the particular: A logic of discernment in an age of omnivorousness. Journal of Consumer Culture. Online First: 1-18. [DOI: 10.1177/1469540516634416]
  • Smith Maguire, J. 2016. Looking at food practices and taste across the class divide. Food, Culture and Society. Special Issue on Food Practices and Social Inequality. 19(1): 11-18. [DOI: 10.1080/15528014.2016.1144995]
  • Wood, H (2016) ‘The Politics of Hyperbole on Geordie Shore: Class, Gender, Youth and Excess’ Weber, B and Kavka, M (eds.) special issue European Journal of Cultural Studies doi: 10.1177/1367549416640552
  • Smith Maguire, J. & Lim, M. 2015. Lafite in China: Media Representations of ‘Wine Culture’ in New Markets. Journal of Macromarketing. 35(2): 229-42. [DOI: 10.1177/0276146714529975]


  • Banks, M. (2017) Creative Justice: Cultural Industries, Work and Inequality. Rowman & Littlefield, London.
  • Serafini, Paula. Performance Action: The Politics of Art Activism. London: Routledge (forthcoming, expected Jan 2018).
  • Serafini, Paula; Holtaway, Jessica and Cossu, Alberto (eds). artWORK: Art, Labour and Activism. London: Rowman and Littlefield International (forthcoming, Nov 2017).
  • Rachel Moseley, Helen Wheatley, Helen Wood (2016) (eds.) Television for Women: Future Directions Routledge.
  • Smith Maguire, J. (Ed). 2017a. Food Practices and Social Inequality: Looking at Food Practices and Taste Across the Class Divide. London: Routledge. [ISBN: 9781138104594]
  • Smith Maguire, J. & Matthews, J. (Eds). 2014. The Cultural Intermediaries Reader. London: Sage. [ISBN: 978-1-4462-0133-6]

Book chapters

  • Ashton, H and Banks, M. (2017) ‘Step into the Zone: Career Dancers, Cultural Work and Intensity’, in Jordan, T., Woodward, K. and McClure, B. Culture, Identity and Intense Performativity: Being in the Zone. Routledge, London.
  • Wood, H., Boyce Kay, J. and Banks, M.  (2017) ‘The Working Class, Ordinary Celebrity and Illegitimate Cultural Work’, in Media and Class: TV, Film and Digital Culture, Deery, J. and Press, A. (eds.), Routledge London.
  • Land, C. and Taylor, S. (forthcoming) ‘Access’ in C. Cassell, A.L. Cunliffe and G. Grandy (eds.) The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Business and Management Research Methods. London: Sage.
  • Parker, M., Cheney, G., Fournier, V. and Land, C. (2017) ‘Organization is Politics Made Durable: Principles and Alternatives’, in G. Baars and A. Spicer (eds.) The Corporation: A Critical, Interdisciplinary Handbook. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Serafini, Paula. “Changing the Narrative: Highlighting Workers’ Rights in Environmental Art Activism” in artWORK: Art, Labour and Activism.  Serafini, P.; Holtaway, J. and Cossu, A. (eds) London: Rowman and Littlefield International (forthcoming)
  • Serafini, Paula; Cossu, Alberto and Holtaway, Jessica. “Introduction” in artWORK: Art, Labour and Activism.  Serafini, P.; Holtaway, J. and Cossu, A. (eds) London: Rowman and Littlefield International (forthcoming).
  • Serafini, Paula and Garrard, Chris. ‘Fossil Fuel Sponsorship and the Contested Museum. Agency, Accountability and Arts Activism’. Museums and Activism, Janes, R and Sandell, R (eds). London: Routledge. (full chapter submitted for review in July 2017).
  • Smith Maguire, J. 2018. (forthcoming) Natural wine and the globalization of a taste for provenance. In D. Inglis & A. Almila (Eds) The Globalization of Wine: The Transnationalization and Localization of Production and Pleasure. London: Bloomsbury.
  • Smith Maguire, J. 2018. (forthcoming) Craft, labour and the taste for authenticity: Reflections from the field of wine. In E. Bell, G. Mangia, S. Taylor & M.L. Toraldo (Eds) The Organization of Craft Work: Identities, Meanings and Materialities. London: Routledge.
  • Smith Maguire, J. 2018. (forthcoming) How Aesthetic Regimes Organize Consumption. In F. Wherry & I. Woodward (Eds) Oxford Handbook of Consumption. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Smith Maguire, J. 2018 (in press). Taste as market practice: The example of ‘natural’ wine. In A. Venkatesh, S. Cross, C. Ruvalcaba & R. Belk (Eds). Consumer Culture Theory Research In Consumer Behavior, 19. Bingley, West Yorkshire, Emerald Publishing.
  • Smith Maguire, J. (Ed). 2017. Food Practices and Social Inequality: Looking at Food Practices and Taste Across the Class Divide. London: Routledge. [ISBN: 9781138104594]
  • Smith Maguire, J. 2017. Wine and China: Making sense of an emerging market with figurational sociology. In J. Connolly & P. Dolan (Eds) The Social Organisation Of Marketing: A Figurational Approach To People, Organisations, And Markets, pp. 31-59. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [ISBN: 978-3-319-51570-0]
  • Smith Maguire, J., Bain, J., Davies, A. & Touri, M. 2017. Storytelling and Market Formation: An Exploration of Craft Brewers in the UK. In N. Chapman, J.S. Lellock & C. Lippard  (Eds)Untapped: The Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Craft Beer, pp. 19-38. West Virginia University Press. [ISBN: 978-1-943665-68-6]
  • Smith Maguire, J. & Zhang, D. 2017. Shifting the focus from consumers to cultural intermediaries: An example from the emerging Chinese fine wine market. In D. Rinallo, N. Özçaglar-Toulouse & R. Belk (Eds.) Consumer Culture Theory Research In Consumer Behavior, 18: 3-27. Bingley, West Yorkshire, Emerald Publishing. [DOI:10.1108/S0885-211120160000018001; ISBN 978-1-78635-496-9]
  • Smith Maguire, J. 2016. Consumption of Leisure. In M. Keller, B. Halkier, M. Truninger, T. Wilska (Eds) Routledge Handbook on Consumption, pp. 420-30. London: Routledge. [ISBN: 9781138939387]
  • Wood H (2017) ‘Performing the Self in the Media - Talk Shows and Reality Television’ International Enyclopedia of Media Effects, Van Zoonen, L (ed.) Wiley.
  • Wood, H and O’Sullivan, T ‘Space and Place to Remember: Television in the National Space Centre’ In Kay, JB, Mahoney, C. Meakin, C and Shaw, C. (2016) Mediated Pasts: Memory and Visual Culture, Jefferson: McFarland.
  • FJ Kay and Wood H (2016) ‘Dreaming of the ‘Good Life’: Gender, Mobility and Anxiety in Wanted Down Under’ In Moseley, Wheatley and Wood (eds.) Television for Women: New Directions London and New York Routledge.
  • Wood, H (2017) Foreward ‘Classy Telly’ in Forrest, D and Johnson, B Social Class and Television Drama in Contemporary Britain London, Palgrave.

Research reports

  • Eikhof, D.R., Newsinger, J., Luchinskaya, D., Rudloff, D., Banks, M. (2017) Workforce Diversity in the UK Screen Sector, CAMEo Report for the British Film Institute.
  • Gorman, S., and Eikhof, D.R. (2017) Where am I? BAME leaders and role models in the performing arts, Research Report for the Clore Leadership Foundation.

Policy publications

  • Eikhof, D.R. and Banks, M. (2017) CAMEo response to the Government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper.
  • Eikhof, D.R. and Banks, M. (2017) CAMEo response to the Future of Work Acting Up! Enquiry.

General and journalistic publications

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