Do it Yourself: Grassroots Writing and Publishing - 6 July 2017

A salon hosted by CAMEo

Thursday 6 July 2017, 6:00-8:00pm at LCB Depot, Leicester.

This salon will bring together writers, authors, academics, independent publishers, zine-makers and other creatives to look at what it takes to make grassroots writing and publishing work. Join us for a lively event exploring the opportunities and challenges for independent publishers and self-published authors, as we share experiences and practices in the grassroots literary scene in Leicester and beyond.


  • Farhana Shaikh (Dahlia Publishing, Leicester Writes, The Asian Writer)
  • Miriam Johnson (University of Derby, on writing with social media)
  • Heiba Lamara (Assistant Editor, OOMK zine)

This is a free event and all are welcome, but spaces are limited. For more information and to register please contact Dr Stevie Marsden

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