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MONDAY 09 NOVEMBER 18:50 – 21:00


How did the young Shakespeare get his break in the theatre? Between 1585, when he is last heard of in Stratford-Upon-Avon and 1592, when a dying dramatist in London parodied a line from ‘Henry V1, Part 3’ and told his colleagues to beware a new upstart who thinks himself “the only shake-scene” around, we do not know where Shakespeare lived or what he was doing. By 1592, William Shakespeare had broken into the theatre industry in London as an actor and a writer. He also seems to have had aspirations to be a non-dramatic poet, but it was his plays that made his fame and fortune. What other aspirations might Shakespeare have had?

In this talk, Professor of Shakespeare Studies, Gabriel Egan, and PhD Student, Paul Brown, explore the start of Shakespeare’s career and his aspirations to be a published author, not just a man of the theatre.

18:50 Welcome

19:00 Professor Gabriel Egan Young Shakespeare’s Aspirations

19:50 PhD student Paul Brown The Theatre of the 1590s

20:00 Q&A

20:15 Explore Heritage Centre

20:30 Refreshments

21:00 Finish

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