Leicester Jazz House: Benn Clatworthy Quartet

Ben Clathworthy: A black and white image of a saxophonist.

Thursday 24 October
8pm - 10:30pm (Doors: 7pm) 
£12 / £5 Concessions
Everyone welcome

"Some of the most emotive and creative jazz this side of Sonny Rollins." - Edinburgh Evening News

"Benn Clatworthy plays jazz with passion, soul and authority. All steeped in tradition and roots." - John Beasley

"... all the knowledge, passion, control, emotion and inventiveness expected from a true Master." - Otmoro Ruiz

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Altered Boundaries

Altered Boundaries

The Zer0classikal Project
Thursday 7 November
7:30pm - 9:15pm
£10 / £5 Concessions, £30 Party of four
Suitable for ages 6+

This new work replaces the standard string quartet of violins, viola and cello with sitars, sarod and sarangi.

The piece will explore elements that are not present in North Indian music like counterpoint, harmony and ensemble yet keeps the essence of raga which is fundamental to the instruments and music of India creating a new sound not heard before.

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Sounds from Kabul - A Musical Journey

A man playing a Sitar-like Instrument.

Sitar Music Society
Saturday 16th November
7pm - 9pm
£10 / £8 Concessions
Everyone welcome

Experience the sonic journey of the Rabab with rhythmical Tabla by acclaimed artists of the new generation. Qais Essar is a contemporary composer and instrumentalist who channels his ideas through the Rabab. He will be joined by dynamic Tabla maestro, Surdarshan Singh, one of the leading accompanists in the UK.

Presented by Sitar Music Society in partnership with SAA-UK.

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Aural Diversity Concert

A pianists hand at the keyboard of a piano.

Saturday 30 November
7:30pm - 9:30pm
£10 / £8 Concessions

In this unique and relaxed event, both the musicians and the audience have a range of different hearing profiles. There are many ways to listen and many different types of hearing in the room.

There is no one type of music that represents Aural Diversity; the evening will be an eclectic mix of genres, styles and sensory experiences. You will choose how to listen to or experience each piece of music to suit both its form and your own unique hearing profile.

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Leicester Jazz House: John Etheridge & Vimala Rowe

John Ethridge & Vimala Rowe. Vimala Rowe leans on John Ethridge's shoulder whilst he plays the guitar.

Saturday 7 December
8pm - 10:30pm (Doors: 7pm) 
£12 / £5 Concessions
Everyone welcome

"There can't be much in the way of high-level guitar playing for which [John Etheridge] isn't the gold standard . . . Vimala Rowe is a revelation . . . magnetic stage presence; a voice with strength and character" - Jim Whitman

"John Etheridge has explored many genres, styles, legacies in his career, but his curiosity is undimmed, and in Vimala Rowe he seems to have found a singer of quite astonishing versatility and adaptability" - Sebastian Scotney (London Jazz News)

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Fire In Your Heart Folk Club

The Fire In Your Heart Folk Club Logo

Thursday 12 December
7pm - 10pm (Doors: 7pm) 
£10 / £5 Concessions
Everyone welcome

Hosted by Leicester's own Grace Petrie, this folk night celebrates the old and new, bringing you the time-honoured tradition of sharing stories through song.

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Leicester Jazz House: Matt Ridley Quintet

Matt Ridley - A man with long hair standing behind an upright bass.

Thursday 9 january
8pm - 10:30pm (Doors: 7pm) 
£12 / £5 Concessions
Everyone welcome

"... one of the most exciting young jazz bass players around" - Marlbank

''Ridley’s gently melodic but rhythmically sophisticated themes provide ideal vehicles for some superb group interplay and some inspired individual soloing." - ★★★★ The Jazz Mann

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A young man playing the violin

Every Tuesday lunchtime
12.45 - 1.45pm, FREE

Grab lunch at the Attenborough Arts Café and experience a variety of delightful live music from local talented musicians and performers to entertain you during your lunch break in our Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Hall.

See full line-up here.

No need to book, just turn up and enjoy!

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